Ready To Wear Patterns 

If You Just Want To Sew Something Right Now!

Patterns are the actual item we place over the fabric to cut out the shaped piece we want to sew. My patterns are made from my blocks/slopers and follow the same sizing increments as those blocks ... the sizing for each set of patterns and how much negative ease it has is in each pattern's description.

It's important to note that on this website I focus on designing and making patterns, and not on sewing or questions about sewing machines or how to use them. I assume you are a competent sewer and know how to read and and assemble patterns simply by looking at the pieces ... I do NOT include instructions for sewing ... just the patterns and their correct labelling. That said, there's barely much of complexity to sewing with stretch ... and you can choose to assemble it in a number of ways.


My patterns all have a 10mm (3/8 inch) seam allowance and its actually shown on the pattern in a translucent grey colour. If an edge doesn't have a seam allowance that's because it's either a raw edge or because its designed to be used with edge binding.

These patterns are aimed at home sewists who aren't really interested in learning how to make patterns from blocks/slopers for themselves ...  people who just want something ready to sew now .... or for people using them as base components with my blocks/slopers.

The RTW Pattern Collection