Swimwear Patterns - PDF

If You Just Want To Sew Something Right Now!

Patterns are the things we place on top of the fabric to cut out the correct shape for sewing. My swimwear patterns are all based on my 12% negative ease swimwear blocks. I don't sell them very often as I'm mostly about teaching how to use blocks to make your own patterns on this website. They ...

  • all have a 10mm (3/8 inch) seam allowance (shown in translucent grey on the pattern)

  • are provided as a nest of 5 sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL (see table below).

  • are provided only in a non-editable PDF format (see How to print a PDF).

  • do not include instructions on assembly, they are patterns only.

  • are not-suitable for reversible swimwear unless otherwise noted.

If you just want to sew up some swimwear then you need a pattern ... these are aimed at home sewists who aren't really interested in learning how to make patterns for themselves .... you'll need some experience in making swimwear as none of them come with instructions.

The Swimwear Pattern Collection


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