The Ultimate Intimates Collection - Bottoms

The Ultimate Intimates Collection - Bottoms

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This is the ultimate underwear bottoms pattern package. It has been designed to help people create their own intimates designs by providing all the pattern bases you'll ever need for RTW and custom design at 10% negative horizontal ease. The 12 base patterns range from 85cm hips to 109cm hips .... the capacity to grade up further than this is possible by adding to the horizontal more slowly, but I only recommend that for those who understand the implications of greater shape variation in plus sizes. There are 13 graded sizes for each of the 12 base patterns at 2cm increments between sizes.

But wait there's more! :) ... I've also added 3 extra style suggestions for each of the 12 pattern bases and they've been placed as guidelines in their own seperate on/off layer on each pattern. You choose what you wish to view ... it's fully controllable.

As usual they are available in PDF and editable CAD formats for Corel Draw and Illustrator.

I've also included some very basic assembly instructions (not that they're really needed for these), and instructions on how to adjust the patterns for short/long body rise and for anterior/posterior pelvic tilt. Of course you can still overlap two different sizes yourself and blend between them.

They come complete with shaded 10mm translucent seam allowance on every layer so there should be no confusion on how much allowance is allocated and where.

There are also little feature summary cards on each page to help you remember the differences between each of the patterns ... there's just too many to keep them in memory :)

Please enjoy this ... it took a great deal of work to create this ultimate intimates collection.

  • File Formats

    This zip file contains:

    PDF file for import into CAD or print direct in a PDF viewer
    CDR file for use with Corel Draw
    AI file for use with Adobe Illustrator

  • Copyright

    This pattern is intended for you to sew your own underwear at home or for you (individual) to create underwear for resale. You can make as many garments as youlike from it ... the intent of this pattern is to provide you with a base for designingyour own RTW collections.

    It may not be resold as is, in any separate part, as a modified pattern or used in any other way to create patterns for resale. It may only be used for the purposes specified in the paragraph above.

    Teachers in accredited fashion schools may use and freely distribute duplicates of this pattern to students for educational purposes only provided students are made aware of the conditions of this copyright statement. 

    All other use or copying is strictly prohibited.

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    I'd love to get photos of what people have made with my blocks or patterns. I'm even willing to reward you with free patterns if I can use your photos. You can send them to me at They'd be greatly appreciated!


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