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Curvy Block Feedback Data

Developing patterns for the curvy sizes is no easy task ... teaching how to do it is even harder. The one simple reality of sizing is that with increased size comes increased variation in shape ... this is the underlying guiding principle in pattern making. Where you get variation in shape you may need more than one block if you wish to improve fit ... with increased size that frequently means more than just a few ... indeed this is where the original expression "Plus Size" comes from ... it didn't mean bigger (as it does today), it meant plus an extra block. So where we might have one basic block for regular sizes, we may at some point require two blocks, then four, and so on as size increases. This is just common sense, but can often cause confusion and even hostility among those who think it's not being inclusive .., on the contrary, its the most inclusive we can be.

I created the Women's 12% Curvy One Piece Block for two reasons. Firstly so we'd have a highly adjustable swimsuit block that could adapt to all the various shape changes we experience in curvy sizing, and secondly so I could get the feed back on which adjustments you made so I could eventually create shape groupings ... and that's what this form is for ... getting your feedback! When you buy the block set there is also an instructional PDF telling you how to make all the adjustments ... I would love to know what adjustments you made so I can study the data and work out exactly what shapes there are and at what point they start (at least as far as the blocks are concerned). This will enable me to provide the first conclusive shape analysis for larger sizes such that other designers will be able to make ready to wear patterns for larger sizes, more successfully and in more fitted shapes ... currently there is very little information available to do this with confidence. I intend to change that!

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