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My website is an educational resource for fashion students and home sewists. I have extensive tutorials teaching everything you could ever want to know about pattern making for stretch fabrics, and then some things you never knew you wanted to know! To view all that, you'll need to join the website and become a member.

All the tutorials are based on blocks ... that means, all the patterns that we design start with a basic building block that we manipulate into that pattern. There's tutorials teaching you how to make a block to your own measurements, but if you'd like to work off a well-tested set of ready to wear blocks then I have those for sale below. I also have a number of ready to wear patterns for swimwear, dance and underwear for those who just want to start sewing right away (click the link to learn more about my


The tools that you must have if you want to start making your own ready to wear patterns.



A small collection of RTW swimwear patterns for those who just want to get straight to it.

Body Forms

I've created a huge collection of body forms that you can make at home from paper card.


How to access all the great information on this website and support the work we do here.

My Pattern Services

If you need professional pattern making services or mentoring then take a look at how I work.

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