The Gymnast Leg Block

Leg Blocks Part Three

This section assumes you've already completed the first six steps of the Leg Block. We'll continue building the centre seam block as step 7.

Step Seven

20-21: Draw down a line between points 20 and 21
23-24: The distance between points 22 and 23 is the same as between points 19 and 20. Draw down a line between points 23 and 24.

The leg hole on the one piece block was designed for use without legs. When attaching legs to the one piece block you can create the look of a higher cut leg without any fitting problems arising. Draw a horizontal line about halfway between the waist and the existing leg line. This will become the top of the new leg line

Step Eight

Draw a line horizontally across the sheet halfway between the hip line and thigh line. This distance should equate to 1/4 gusset below the hip line. Continue the front and back inseam up to this line.

Step Nine

Draft in new leg lines from points 21 and 24 to the new top leg line position on the bodice side seams. You'll note that the new leg lines are square to the bodice side seam instead of peaking on the front bodice (like the old leg line). Try to keep the leg line square at the crotch also.

Step Ten

Find the centre of the front waist line and draw down a line to connect the leg quarter line. Repeat for the back leg.

Step Eleven

On the front block measure the length of the leg line between the quarter line and the thigh line (marked in blue). Mark this distance on your flexicurve and recurve it to create the leg scye (marked in red). These two lines must be the same length. Repeat for the back block. Curve off the ankle cuffs so that they make right angles with the seams.

Step Twelve

Trace and separate all the panels maintaining the guidelines as illustrated.

Step Twelve

Draw a horizontal line 1/4 gusset above the thigh line. Pivot the head of the front leg panel up to the raised line as illustrated. Repeat with the back leg panel.

Step Thirteen

Re-curve the leg blocks with long gradual curves.

Step Fourteen

Remove unnecessary guidelines, points and numbers. Cut out or retrace the front and back blocks and true up all curves. Make sure you clearly label your block with a title, panel name, size, date, author’s name and version number. Do not add seam allowance to the block!

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