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AI Image Generation

OK so I have a question .... who has used any of these AI programs to generate swimwear images? Now I'm not looking for a "For/Against AI" debate ... god only knows there's been some seriously strong emotions flying around in many other groups I'm in and I'm so tired of them ... I just see it as another tool.

I'm curious as to how well AI has learned what swimwear is ... where exactly does it place leg lines and style lines? ... what styles does it think are from which time periods? ... that sort of thing. I've seen it used in costuming, hair styling, latex, fantasy/sci-fi, product design and many, many others as a design inspiration tool to great effect. Unfortunately the only swim images I've seen are scantily clad, highly exaggerated body shapes ... not quite the fashion styled imagery you see in other categories. Has anyone in here tried it as yet? What results did you get?

Also another question ... how many people use Clo3D? Do you figure it's worth the money? How steep was the learning curve? Were the patterns you produced accurate to the mannequin or different? Here's a link if you've never seen it ... it's not quite my thing as I can easily manipulate patterns in 2D quite intuitively and I need all my CAD tools to do it, but it may interest others.


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