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This website has a science of stretch section open to the public and a whole stack of pattern making lessons (membership) that will teach you exactly how to make your own blocks/slopers and patterns from scratch ... while we focus on swimwear, you'll find most things apply to dance and other stretchwear ... knowing how to make and use a block means never having to buy patterns again! The site is aimed mainly at fashion school students and assumes some basic knowledge, it may still be appropriate for home sewists wanting to learn stretch fit pattern making.

We even have an eShop with ready made blocks/slopers and patterns if you just want to get straight into it. And lastly of course there's the blog below where we highlight some of the discussion topics from the Facebook group.

What's New

So we're going to do another thing and make life a little more interesting in our Facebook Group with a series of specially chosen daily conversation topics (starting next week) ... You've all seen Kristin's Watcha Makin' Mondays, but what about the rest of the week? Here's what we've come up with ...

Whatcha Makin' Monday:

What's on your cutting table? Things you're working on right now or have done over the last week. Doesn't have to be stretch (although bonus points if you're making something from my blocks/patterns).

Tuesday News Day:

What's the gossip in Fashion? Who's doing what show where? Who's just opened a new shop or launched a new line? Who just changed the dance sport rules to allow teenagers to show more cheek? It's about time we became a little more current.

Wednesday's Welcome:

New members greeting day ... Who just joined, where are they from, what do they do and why did they forget to bring cookies.

Throwback Thursday:

A little mash up of fashion history, no matter what it might be about. Maybe something I did in the past, maybe a period of time (I'm still working on the vintage designs btw), or maybe even a style that appears to be from the past but isn't (eg; steampunk) or something from the past about the future (eg; retrofuturism) ... oh god I'm getting a headache. Pretty much anything that someone has already done that we can look at and talk about in hindsight.

Friday's Pop Quiz:

So how do you think this is done? Were you paying attention this week? How do we overcome this problem? I'll try to make it a multiple choice poll type thing because, well, who doesn't like a good poll? But somethings may require you to take away an image I give you and draw lines on it and repost it back. I may even offer a prize for the best answer to really tricky pop quizzes!

Saturday Morning Funnies:

It's been a long week so we need a chance to laugh at all of our failings and especially at each other. This is going to be a day for fashion based memes and jokes. Maybe I'll even give you a topic and you can relate your funny stories about it ... eg; it all started to go wrong that day I ran out of bobbin thread just 6.32mm from the end of the seam.

No there's no Sunday ... you didn't miss it. Of course you don't have to wait until a particular day of the week to tell us what you're making, or link up a news article, or post a joke or even show us your grandmas 1920s neck to knee bathing suit ... you can do that anytime.

I probably won't do all of these every single week but I really do want to get all those lurkers out of hiding .... yeah you know who you are!

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I've completed the instructions for turning the women's 8% blocks into an 8% catsuit block with:

- no side seams

- a center front fold

- a center back seam

- an inside leg seam

- dart shaping at the waist

It's a very big tutorial of 25 steps that I really only recommend to those who've tackled a few of the simpler tutorials successfully already. Even if you aren't going to do a catsuit it's still a good thing to read through and learn about how it's done ... I've put some extra theory explanations in there to make it a little more thorough.

If you find it too difficult but you still want the blocks, then if you can wait a few more days, I'll make it available as a block CAD/PDF in the shop ... I just have a lot going at the moment.

It's only been proof read by one person so far so there may be a few typos still hidden in there ... if you spot one then please let me know.

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You know how I get annoyed from time to time about Instagram fashion influencers because they really don't know all that much about fashion and more often than not they mislead or misuse terminology? I tend to refer to them fake fashionistas ...

Well you wouldn't believe what Tanya Marie showed me today ... an influencer with 2.8 million followers ... that's someone making an awful lot of money right? ... yet she's not even a real person but a CGI ... yeah that's right ... a fake 3D model of a person wearing clothes from her advertisers ... like wtf???

See https://www.instagram.com/lilmiquela or @lilmiqelua

This isn't a whine by any means ... I'm actually very impressed with the skill it must have taken to pull this off! Considering all the issues with covid, social distancing, all the fashion shows being cancelled or even the newest concept of computer generated runway shows, was this really unexpected? Is this the way of the future? If it's ok to computer generate a runway show or magazine adverts, then is this just evolution?

Tanya was wondering about using CGI models for testing how your garments fit (a bit like Clo3D I guess) or using this to test the market before actually manufacturing anything. You could literally create a design, and use a CGI influencer to convince the world's buyers they needed it before you even sewed up a single sample.

If you wonder what the future the future of fashion will look like then this is probably it. Here you have a CGI with more sales potential than all my 30+ years of experience, shows, and marketing ... next to this, I'm a dinosaur.

But you know what's even more scary? What becomes of those people just learning how to make patterns and clothes for the first time now? I'm wondering if soon there will be a plug in app for our websites (you know, like there are forms, graphs, slideshows etc) that you can import your clothing designs to and the CGI will wear them and walk around in them in and in a way almost indistinguishable from a real person wearing the real clothes. Or is this even already a thing and I just don't know about it yet?

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