You've found pattern school online - the best resource on stretch fit pattern making available. Together with our Facebook Group we try to answer all your questions and even some you never knew you had. We are constantly playing with new ideas and concepts in order to grow and develop our Ready to Wear knowledge ... why not join us?

This website has a science of stretch section open to the public and a whole stack of pattern making lessons (membership) that will teach you exactly how to make your own blocks/slopers and patterns from scratch ... while we focus on swimwear, you'll find most things apply to dance and other stretchwear ... knowing how to make and use a block means never having to buy patterns again! The site is aimed mainly at fashion school students and assumes some basic knowledge, it may still be appropriate for home sewists wanting to learn stretch fit pattern making.

We even have an eShop with ready made blocks/slopers and patterns if you just want to get straight into it. And lastly of course there's the blog below where we highlight some of the discussion topics from the Facebook group.

What's New

The new system is now live and running. There's still a few things to tidy up here and there and make look pretty (especially optimizing for mobile phones) ... but she's all operational!

If you want to offer your support you can click the Help Support Pattern School link in the menu .... there's a little bit of a spiel before you click through to the choices page. I'll be playing around a little more over the next day or so some things might move around.

I'm also developing a little members profile page that you can use to do things like follow comments in the blog (supporters can now comment on the blog too), add a profile photo, add tag lines, check on your shopping Kart and a few more things to come (like direct messaging to me ... it'll forward to my email) ... this is all new but it's so much fun.

I'm warming up to this new concept

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Over the next 24 hours or so you may notice certain parts of Pattern School disappearing and reappearing while we make adjustments to how the website functions ... don't worry, they'll all be coming back. Things have grown much faster than anticipated over the last year, so the changes are designed to make site administration easier and to help resolve some issues I've been having with messaging/emails.

I want to be able to do two things better: Firstly, respond fully to those people who have genuine questions about topics they've read about ... not dilute my time continuously redirecting people who would rather just ask for answers than use the search bar to find their questions have already been well documented. I've unfortunately experienced way to much poor treatment from people who feel entitled to make demands rather than appreciate what's on offer ... it's easy to say ignore those people, but I still need to go through those messages to find those who need genuine help ... and it's wearing me down. Secondly I want to free up more time to work on creating content that makes me happy. So I've decided I'm moving to something similar to the Patreon model. A system whereby those who appreciate me creating the most comprehensive and only dedicated stretch fit pattern making site on the internet, can support Pattern School by choosing to make a small to moderate commitment of support (from $1 to $30/month) so that I can focus more on giving them what they love. Irrelevant of how much support you can offer, you will still get the same access to absolutely everything. The only win-win solution I can find that doesn't compromise the philosophy I used to create Pattern School. Please stand by, this should only take a short while to set up ... fingers crossed.

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So I decided on doing tutorials for images D and F from yesterday's Trend Wheel discussion in our Facebook Group (really something worth reading). Today I've been working on the boat neck bodysuit (image F) .... I didn't realize it was a thong-back bodysuit until today ... so it's probably a really good one to do given the season change ... I've even done the illustration in Ultimate Grey to keep the Pantone people happy (I refuse to do it in yellow). This tutorial will be perfectly suited to the 8% blocks and a high quality sleepwear knit. Should be finished tomorrow ... don't forget the press studs!

I mention Pantone because yesterday Kirsty posted about Pantone's 2021 new Spring/Summer colours ... I'm honestly not understanding the yellow as it's a colour that can only generally be worn in small amounts and doesn't suit a great many people. It's also frequently associated with sickness (like light greens) which isn't really what you want in a colour following covid ... but hey these guys are the professionals .... apparently.

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