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Women's 8% Catsuit Blocks (Dance/General)

Women's 8% Catsuit Blocks (Dance/General)


This special block/sloper is the result of a particular request. One of our members wanted a ready to wear 8% negative ease (fixed cup size) catsuit block without side seams, but with waist shaping. They also wanted it set on a center front fold! So we made it.

It's mostly suitable for ready to wear dance wear, cosplay and general stretchwear patterns. This block is essentially a joining of the existing 8% body and leg blocks to create a catsuit block with NO side seams, but instead waist dart shaping, a center back seam and a center front fold (see images). This block can be matched with the 8% sleeve block for a total catsuit.

Due to it being a specific RTW no side seam block we cannot issue it with built-in layered full bust adjustments.