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Women's 12-15% Curvy Leggings Block (General Use)

Women's 12-15% Curvy Leggings Block (General Use)


These are the Curvy (plus sized) leggings blocks. They can be used as a stand alone block to create leggings patterns for curvy figures, or matched together with the Curvy one piece blocks to make active/dancewear for spandex/lycra weights around 160-210gsm with moderate to strong rebound.

It has six built in layers for pelvic tilt adjustments ... 25 degrees in total (10 posterior to 15 anterior) ... set to zero as default.

It also has optional design guides for the waistband and back yoke (will feature in future tutorial).

These blocks are different from all my other work in two ways:

  1. the horizontal negative ease varies at different places in the block, with 12% at the waist to match the body block (you could reduce this further if you wish), 15% at and below the hip, 20% at the knee, 15% between the knee and ankle. This is to assist with contouring.
  2. there is 4% vertical negative ease in the leg section only to lock the horizontal contouring in place (specifically to counter steep angled side seams