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Men's 10% Body Blocks (Dance/General)

Men's 10% Body Blocks (Dance/General)


This is the Men's 10% negative ease one piece/leotard block. It is suitable for swim, dance and general stretch wear. 

Patterns for men's dancewear are not easy to find and RTW (ready to wear) block sets are next to impossible because extensive sizing data for men just isn't available. This block set is the result of a huge collaboration on collecting the data necessary to produce reliable results.



As well as just the basic one piece block, this block set also includes a stack of extras to help you with pattern designing:


  • Medium (original) and narrow width crotch
  • High Medium and Low leg lines
  • Pouch front for the narrower crotch
  • Convex CB seam option for a wider seat
  • Concave CB option for a cheeky cut back
  • High and low thong options with pouch
  • Singlet guide lines
  • Race back guide lines
  • Brief waist guide line


... most of which can be mixed and matched!

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