Children's 10% Leotard Blocks

Children's 10% Leotard Blocks


This is the Children's 10% negative ease body and sleeve block (packaged together) for designing children's RTW swimwear and leotard patterns. This is without question our most popular selling item! It can also be partnered with the Children's 10% leggings patterns at the waist.

But we all know that children aren't very standard in size. My own 3yo is taller than my 7yo! Some kids are tall and skinny, some shorter, some bigger and some are close to adult sizing in their tweens. So this block set does something that no other block set does ... It comes in two different body lengths for the smaller sizes ... making it easier to select your size based on chest measurement then draft between the two options for body length. 

It contains 15 separate 2cm increment blocks from chest size 52cm to 80cm (and an extra 10 long body blocks for sizes 52cm to 70cm). It can be mix and matched for different chest, waist and hip sizes making it suitable for young boys and girls. There is added length in the sleeve already so you simply cut it back to the desired length. Very easy.



  • File Formats

    This zip file contains:

    PDF file for import into CAD or print direct in a PDF viewer
    CDR file for use with Corel Draw
    AI file for use with Adobe Illustrator


  • Copyright

    This block set is intended for you to create your own patterns for either your own garments or garments for sale. You may also use it to create swim, dance and activewear patterns for sale (eg; PDF pattern sales). You may not modify and resell this block set for use as base blocks, as either RTW or customised. Teachers in acreditted fashion schools may use and freely distribute duplicates of this block set for educational purposes only provided students are made aware of the conditions of this copyright statement. 

    All other use or copying is strictly prohibited. 

  • You Can Help!

    I'd love to get photos of what people have made with my blocks or patterns. I'm even willing to reward you with free patterns if I can use your photos. You can send them to me at They'd be greatly appreciated!


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