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Mei Mei Sizing

Size Chart For the Mei Mei Children's Body Form

These are the measurements I've used to create the Mei Mei children's body forms. They are taken from only 726 sets of measurements, many of which were incomplete ... so it was no easy task to normalise the data, but it's all that we have. Try to understand that this is a sorting to create a ready-to-wear dress form for children ... it is based on averages. As such very few people will truly fit in one line, although if you're lucky you may find you do. To have a dress form be correct for all your measurements then you'd need one custom made to suit you ... this is an exercise in ready to wear averages, not custom made.

OK so how have we sorted the data? I have used equal 1cm increments of Nape to Waist to determine size. Mostly because this is a better indicator of the rate of change of size than is age. This also gets around the various growth spurts that children experience and also resolves the issue that some experience with body length in tweens/early teens. 

Each Nape to Waist is then broken up into three categories: Regular, Plus 1 and Plus 2. Regular represents the 50th percentile of the data ... the true average. Plus 2 represents the 85th percentile of the data ... data over that rapidly lost any sense of linear or shape trend so it was discarded ... I can't successfully create a form over the 85th percentile. Now while I know Plus 2 dress form to suit your measurements. The Plus 1 group is the linear halfway point between Regular and Plus 2, and it equates to around the 60th percentile. I probably didn't need to include that middle group as the differences aren't all that great, but I have because it might make it easier for some to customise later.

Lastly, yet most importantly, the Bust measurements below do not include any breast development ... they are simple chest measurements. If your mid to late teen has developed already then look at the bust measurement as if it were Underbust. Then add the correct breast form to the dress form (I've included a size 30, 32 and 34 low profile breast form in all packages for Nape to Waist values of 29cm and over - above that you'll need to purchase the complete breast forms package separately).

Mei Mei's sizing chart
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