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If You're Helping Me To Test Patterns ....

if you're helping me to test patterns there's a chance I might ask you to send me specific measurements instead of giving you the general ready to wear sizing ... it really depends on what stage of testing we're at. In the early stages of developing a collection, I tend make a custom sized garments for the models to make sure the designs are stable and predictable ... only after I have something I'm really happy with, will I turn it into ready to wear sizing. I find if I test for the first time using a ready to wear pattern, it can become difficult to know if the pattern is at fault or if it's just an odd fit envelop when something looks not quite right ... different shaped bodies (of the same measurements) look very different in the same garment ... this is what I'm looking for when testing customised patterns first!

It's really helpful if I can get a square front on and square side on photo to tweak for shape and tilt where needed.

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