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Teen's 10% Sleeve Block (Dance/General)

Teen's 10% Sleeve Block (Dance/General)


This is the Teen's 10% negative ease sleeve block. It is designed to partner with the Teen's 10% one piece/leotard block. It also has six different angled heads for each size and three short sleeve cuff choices for each size. While it's fully nested, you'll probably only want to turn on the layers you need or there'll be too many options displayed at one time ... it defaults to the middle size turned on only.

  • This base block/sloper set contains 13 individual sizes in 2cm increments, nested on a single page ...

    • To Match Under Bust: 62-84cm 
    • Sleeve Length: 47-53cm
    • Upper Arm: 20-28cm
    • Wrist: 13-16cm

    Sizing is included on the pattern itself.

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