Tanya Competition Swimsuit Bottoms

Tanya Competition Swimsuit Bottoms


This is a Deep V bikini bottom which was designed specifically for swimsuit model competitions. I've used this particular style repeatedly in various forms since 2002 ... it's stood the test of time! Every single size has 1" (2.5cm) side bands so it can be used with the standard one inch bling accessories that everyone likes to use ... how much you cut the pattern depends on how long your accessory is (remember to allow for 12% negative ease when shortening).

This pattern is different to my regular swimsuit patterns in that it has 11 smaller sizing inccrements from hip size 85cm to 105cm ... more increments are need when working with models as compared to standard Ready to Wear.


This pattern was not intended for fitness competition but could be adapted if you know what you're doing. Fitness competition has very strict rules and requires talent to create a perfectly fitting customised suit. Typically fitness suits sit higher towards the waist, have smaller width bands and are much tighter. 


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    PDF file for import into CAD or print direct in a PDF viewer. 

  • Copyright

    This pattern is intended for you to sew your own swimsuit at home or for you (individual) to sew swimwear for resale. It may be modified for a customised fit but should not be modifed for selling swimwear. It may not be resold as a pattern or used for any other purposes than those specified above.

    Teachers in acreditted fashion schools may use and freely distribute duplicates of this form set to students for educational purposes only provided students are made aware of the conditions of this copyright statement. 

    All other use or copying is strictly prohibited. 

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    I'd love to get photos of what people have made with my blocks or patterns. I'm even willing to reward you with free patterns if I can use your photos. You can send them to me at patternschool@gmail.com. They'd be greatly appreciated!


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