Miyumi & Friends Breast Forms

Miyumi & Friends Breast Forms


This is a huge package: it contains 2 PDF files (each over 100 pages), one in LETTER format and one in A4. In each PDF there are the patterns ready to print to make paper card models of 12 different wire sizes, 3 different profiles of each wire size, and left and right breasts. This is the ultimate paper breast model kit which you can use not just for the body forms, but for bra making, cosplay armor, drag and whatever else your imagination can think up.

  • File Formats

    This zip file contains:

    PDF file for import into CAD or print direct in a PDF viewer. It has two PDF Files ... one in A4 size and another in US LETTER size.

  • Copyright

    This Form set is intended for you to create your own Body or Breast Forms for use as a mannequin or from which to design patterns. Patterns for clothing made using this form are obviously fine for resale. This document not be edited and modified for resale. Teachers in acreditted fashion schools may use and freely distribute duplicates of this form set for educational purposes only provided students are made aware of the conditions of this copyright statement. 

    All other use or copying is strictly prohibited. 


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