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We've Made A Start!

Hey Everyone,

Firstly, thank you to those who've sent me their hand measurements so far ... I've just graphed Knuckle Circumference against Longest Finger to Wrist below. It's only 26 sets of measurements so far, so we can't get any trends yet ... at least nothing reliable, but we're getting there. I still need at least 100 sets to be able to do this.

You can enter your measurements here ....

The other thing is that, with a few exceptions, almost all the hands are from our lovely 50+ women ... easy to see who the dedicated learners are lol ... which means I'm not getting a good cross section of the whole population, especially kids (I have just one so far). If this is going to be useful for dance and cosplay then I'm going to need to see the rest of you! ... unless our 50yo women are the cosplayers?

There's no hurry, but I really do want to get the data in soon ... say the next week or two! Thanks


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