Under Over Grading

Everyone knows you can use the BLEND tool in Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator to create multiple sizes between your smallest and largest sizes. But that's pretty much the limit of how you can grade in generic CAD programs. You need to have the very smallest and the very largest before you can blend between them. But what if you have two sizes that aren't the smallest or largest but instead somewhere in between? Then you need to be able to grade under and over those and you can't do that in a generic CAD program ... until now ... I created a macro for Corel Draw to do just that which is free to members of my little website community.

What this means is that if you have ANY two sizes of a pattern (with all the nodes in the correct matching place on each) you can now do incremental grading at the click of a button without having to work out the complex grading rules required of very expensive fashion specific CAD software. But how do you get two sizes without grading rules??? The most ridiculous question every asked that I hear coming from proponents of fashion CAD software .... you made one size from measurements on your size chart didn't you? Well make another size exactly the same way but using a different size from the same chart. Just duplicate your process. And in a generic CAD program that's pretty easy because you can cut and paste your original and stretch or contract certain parts to match the new measurements exactly as you would when you draft from scratch ... and this way all your nodes will also be correct as will your curve angles and lengths. It's so much easier and faster than trying to create a chart of equations and rules for every node on a pattern ... especially with stretch where the fabrics all have different rebounds/stretch properties ... none of that is even slightly important if you have any two correct pattern sizes. Checkmate fashion specific CADs! For more discussion on this, why not join our Facebook group?

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