Too Cold For Swimwear?

So you think it's too cold to make swimwear at the moment? You know what else is popular? Bodysuits. Kirsty Paterson reminded me about them today so we thought we should give you some inspiration for winter sewing!

Most of you already have the 8% body and sleeve blocks (if you don't they're still at 50% off too) so it's quite easy to use that same block to make yourself a bodysuit .... they're even easier than swimwear because they don't need lining! What you're looking for is a plain/ribbed/textured cotton spandex knit.

I've included a photo from Commando ... I quite like this Brand and have bought online from them before, but the image is here for inspiration only.

What do you need to think about when doing body suit patterns? Well cotton spandex fabrics generally have much more stretch (but less rebound) so you could (I can't believe I'm saying this) even close out the bust dart vertically on busts D cup or under.

You can choose a standard sleeve head without having to alter the block at all or you could make a raglan sleeve ... or you could even do an asymmetrical top with one sleeve like in the photos on their website. The choices are limitless really.

Generally bodysuits have a thong back and lower leg line because they're worn with jeans/trousers, but there's no reason why you couldn't do them with a full bottom too. The low and high thong lines are already on the block as well so you can use those literally or as a guide for your own half way style.

The one thing you may need to do is move the crotch seam forward slightly for the snappy tape as it's further back for the thong on my blocks. I recommend the tape rather than individual snaps as they're less likely to pull off or damage the fabric ... cottons need to spread the load and tapes do that much better.

I also recommend using a 10mm (3/8") soft braided elastic with around 5% length reduction below the actual pattern length because cottons lack the rebound strength you see in nylon spandex fabrics ... and this can help prevent the garment from over stretching and distorting (especially in the wash).

It's really quite straight forward ... if there's huge interest I can do a tutorial but I don't think there's anything new in there we haven't covered before. Do people like bodysuits? Do they have favorite things about ones they own that might help inspire others? Have you made one before?

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