The Catsuit Tutorial

I've completed the instructions for turning the women's 8% blocks into an 8% catsuit block with:

- no side seams

- a center front fold

- a center back seam

- an inside leg seam

- dart shaping at the waist

It's a very big tutorial of 25 steps that I really only recommend to those who've tackled a few of the simpler tutorials successfully already. Even if you aren't going to do a catsuit it's still a good thing to read through and learn about how it's done ... I've put some extra theory explanations in there to make it a little more thorough.

If you find it too difficult but you still want the blocks, then if you can wait a few more days, I'll make it available as a block CAD/PDF in the shop ... I just have a lot going at the moment.

It's only been proof read by one person so far so there may be a few typos still hidden in there ... if you spot one then please let me know.

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