The Asymmetric Catsuit

So I've been working on two projects at the moment ... a corset form and a catsuit pattern without side seams. The corset form is nearly done and I should have some photos soon.

The catsuit without side seams is a pain in the bottom ... I've never been a big fan of these because they can't be done without several compromises that I'm particularly not fond of. There are two possibilities: ripples everywhere or excessive negative ease in certain sections ... and neither results in a good fit. Some of my moderators talked about one done by Travis but that he chose to go the high negative ease route which didn't fit well ... I haven't seen it myself but it wouldn't be my preferred route. Instead I'm going the opposite route and actually reducing the horizontal negative ease and correcting by adding carefully placed vertical negative ease in only some sections .... there is always a way around the problem when you understand exactly what the textile is doing. The only limitation to what I'm doing is the inability to place a vertical center back zip, but I'm working my way around that too ... just need a little more time.

Then I overheard a discussion on JLo's leotards but didn't know which one they were talking about. I have to admit she certainly popularized leotards on stage even though I think with the resources she had available to her she could have done better lol. So I went to have a look and came across an asymmetric catsuit (unitard if your American) worn by JLo (photo right). Cute idea for sure and the article concerned spoke at great length about how unique and original her designers were ... who would ever think about a one legged catsuit with opposing sleeve ... I mean it's just so different right? Wrong.

I love fashion history, so let's turn back the clock. I can think of two extremely famous people people who were waaaaaay ahead of her. Lets start with Flo Jo, the Olympic runner whose mother made her running clothes and created an asymmetric catsuit back in 1988 (photo below). But even that's not even close to original!

We credit JLo with having been the first to use an asymmetric catsuit on stage for a concert (that's how the fashion blogger worded it so as to ignore Flo Jo's mother). But she'd still be wrong because way back in 1973 when most people weren't even born, there was another musician who wore an asymmetric catsuit in a concert ... and it wasn't even a woman ... it was David Bowie!(photo above right). It took me no time at all to find those photos and dates so I have to ask myself how much research these fashion bloggers/influences actually do.

Anyway ... I will admit to liking the asymmetric catsuit (probably not to everyone's taste so maybe I'll go this route with my pattern design ... the remaining photos are various ones I've found on the Net ... what do you think of the style?

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