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So, I've Been Busy

So I've been really busy this last few days

I've been processing all the hand measurements, looking for trends in the data I have so far ... really I still need more data but I think there are some relationships starting to show up now ... i'll be sure when the rest of the data get's in ... no hurry.

I've also been playing with rave wear designs. I'm trying to create a modular pattern ... something that can produce several different designs from the same base pattern. I'm thinking this was a bad idea now and it's going to end up being separate designs as I'm looking for something more (more what I don't really know, just more), but we'll see. I'm probably going to switch to doing the band collar tutorial for now.

The best news is I've been secretly working on a Teen's specific leggings block. Because of the lack of shaping information in a highly variable age group, I needed someone to test the blocks on a dance troupe of 20 or more (of different ages) and one of my client's came to the rescue in exchange for me making her patterns.

Teen's leg measurements are all over the place ... I have for a long time now used the highly adjustable children's legging block because it was really the safest way to go. But now I have a base block that's going to be a more reasonable start point than adjusting the kids leggings ... you'll still need to take a good set of measurements and possibly have to adjust for thigh or overall leg, but it's going to be easier than using the kids leggings now. The hardest part was actually getting the angle right at the hip line (not to be confused with pelvic tilt).

I've just regraded everything (image below) and now I just need to do the layout, layers and all the different file types ... so it might be ready tonight or tomorrow sometime. Stay tuned!


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