Pattern School Intimates Collection

Well it's done ... I've finally finished the Intimates Collection ... it's 21 A2 pages of pure pattern making bliss ... if I don't say so myself.

  • 12 separate base patterns (vary combinations of waist height, leg height, seat width and BB seam/fold)

  • 13 sizes in each set based on 2cm increments (85cm to 109cm hips)

  • 3 to 4 additional sets of style lines for each base pattern

  • instructions on how to adjust the base patterns for short/long body rise and anterior/posterior tilt.

From this it should be possible to make every currently fashionable style of intimates bottoms ... even the strappy things if you know how to cut things into smaller pieces again ... and because it's based on 10% is should possible to use for swimwear too ... killing my own currently available swimwear pattern sales.

I'm now sending it off to proof reading and testing .... below are just a few screen caps from what's inside ... so it's ... COMING SOON ... just a day or so more for checking.

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