Outsider Art

Earlier today Rena shared a series of images in our Facebook Group which reminded me of outsider art (ok just a little bit). This is something I always wanted to use as a print for swimwear because it has a raw, aggressively passionate nature to it that can only really be seen in untrained artists. Now I'm normally all about training and education and studying everything properly ... but when something doesn't specifically require a technically "correct" solution, there is room for those "outside" the norms to express themselves creatively.

"What makes someone truly an outsider? Is it a question of attitude, access, opportunity? Does it simply mean a certain rebellious streak, an aversion to the mainstream? When it comes to the art world, the term “outsider” has a tumultuous history, and it’s still liable to set off long debates. And yet, despite occasional detractors, “outsider art” is more or less accepted terminology—a way of describing a certain kind of creative output that resists tidy boundaries." - https://www.artsy.net/.../artsy-editorial-outsider-art... Outsider art "might include the art of those with disabilities or mental health conditions, as well as gloriously eccentric work made in isolation" .... I totally love this. Technically however it's simply the term used to describe art that has a naïve quality, often produced by people who have not trained as artists or worked within the conventional structures of art production .... those who don't know how it's "supposed to be done". It may also be called Art Brut or Raw Art. However there must be some obvious evidence of the artist's interpretive talent by classical definitions ... a finger painting by a child at preschool, for example, does not qualify as Outsider Art because the child wasn't necessarily trying to tell a story, display a culture, re-interpret a circumstance, or comment on a movement, or whatever as such. Outsider Art is supposed to have the carry the message quality of classical art, without the normal constraints of training. Outsider Art does not cover traditional ethnic art that isn't trained in the classical sense. And if you think that means that any art you find at the local flea market could be outsider art then think again. Color by numbers or painting a vase of flowers is not outsider art, nor is it insider art. And just as classical art can be seriously snobby, so too can outsider art .... when a classically trained artist tries to give up being classical and go "freehand" they can't describe themselves as outsider artists because they've already been trained (although they try) ... in outsider art circles they are called "contrived artists" ... so yes the snobby goes both ways. It's a fascinating topic. I've gone down one of those squirrel tangents again haven't I? Anyway I wanted to share with you something that I think would make a great fabric print concept ... especially seeing as today has been so much about prints and colours. Here's a link to my Pinterest board on Outsider Art so you can get an idea (I've added a few examples below) https://www.pinterest.com/patternschool/outsider-art/ I also wanted to thank everyone for all the really interesting questions recently ... they've helped so many learn a lot of new things ... some who've recently just been thinking about them and hadn't yet asked and others who didn't know they needed to know it until now .... that's what's so good about this group ... there's so much learning going on. Lastly I'm sorry I haven't made much progress in the last couple of days ... I've been sick with man flu but I'm mostly better now and will be back on board full time tomorrow. I have caught up on all the messages and questions and finished all the tutorials and website maintenance. Next is back to the tops patterns, then the head blocks ... yes I have read and responded to all the messages and questions relating to those ... I had no idea they were such a big thing ... so to answer the most commonly asked question so I don't have to answer anymore emails about them, yes you should be able to use them for fast DIY hat, mask and wig stands for cosplay ... download one pattern, make 100 wig stands (sigh).


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