New Bodysuit Tutorial Coming

So I decided on doing tutorials for images D and F from yesterday's Trend Wheel discussion in our Facebook Group (really something worth reading). Today I've been working on the boat neck bodysuit (image F) .... I didn't realize it was a thong-back bodysuit until today ... so it's probably a really good one to do given the season change ... I've even done the illustration in Ultimate Grey to keep the Pantone people happy (I refuse to do it in yellow). This tutorial will be perfectly suited to the 8% blocks and a high quality sleepwear knit. Should be finished tomorrow ... don't forget the press studs!

I mention Pantone because yesterday Kirsty posted about Pantone's 2021 new Spring/Summer colours ... I'm honestly not understanding the yellow as it's a colour that can only generally be worn in small amounts and doesn't suit a great many people. It's also frequently associated with sickness (like light greens) which isn't really what you want in a colour following covid ... but hey these guys are the professionals .... apparently.

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