Need Help With Fashion Illustrations?

Georgia Fellows asked for some croquis illustrations that can be imported into and edited in CAD so people can do fashion illustration on their computers ... so I've been reformatting the ones I frequently use such that they're layered ... ie; you can turn the guidelines on and off .... just go to croquis illustrations under the projects menu ... and click the link under each one to download a zip with PDF, CDR and AI formats ... all free to members.

They're all on A4 page size with plenty of border so you can print them on US Letter size too ... but really you probably want to open them in your CAD program and scale them up or down (they're fully scalable and editable line art) to have multiples on each page or whatever ...

I have lots more to different poses to add and then a basic write up on how to do things like shadows, seams, top stitching etc ... and even how to select photos to trace around to make your own. It's not all that hard ... I just don't have enough hours in the day ... and yes I'm still working on utility fashion! I'm just trying to source some neoprene to demonstrate a few things (which is really difficult when your 2000km from a coast line during Covid)

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