Miyumi & Friends

So how many of you have seen Miyumi as yet? If you're in the Facebook Group then you've probably seen the progress from start to finish ...

Designing and creating the patterns for this body form took several weeks and involved the creation of an entirely new radial grading method ... putting one together is no easy task either although I did write instructions for the process. The pattern is available from my eShop.

To finish the dress for required a few layers of papier mache to make it strong and hard. This is how my papier mache Miyumi turned out. OK with a little more effort she could have been a bit smoother but I'm quite happy with the result for a quick job.

Once she'd had papier mache put on the inside and made solid, I applied it to the outside to smooth over all the joins and make sure they'd never come apart. I also did a little extra contouring here and there to get an even more realistic shape: I smoothed into and around the neck, I did a little more forming of the collar bones, I smoothed where the breast forms joined the body, filled in the back waist a tiny bit and curved the bottom of the rib cage some more.

You could literally pad up anywhere and everywhere once the inside is hard. All of this literally from a printed pattern, some tape, PVA glue and newsprint!!!!

I've ordered some 5mm thick adhesive backed foam (similar to the one at the bottom of this page) that I'll use to cover her once I'm positive she's 100% dry .... so then I can use pins. I'll also papier mache one of my other test models just so I can paint it too!

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