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Macros For Corel Draw

As everyone knows, I prefer Corel Draw. Working with macros/scripts in Corel Draw is very easy and has lots of documentation and help available all over the Internet. Basically scripting in Corel Draw for fashion comes under two different types. The first is obviously to create tools to help perform fashion specific drawing tasks at the click of a button. The second, not so obviously but way more importantly, is all about document management.

When you create a set of patterns for a client or to export to PDF for sale, you need to use layers, label them accordingly, put them in the correct order, label all the objects in each layer correctly and so on ... it's not an easy task and the tools Corel gives you are specifically aimed at drawing and not managing the layers and their content.

For example, let's say I'm working on a typical pattern or block for the website. I'll be creating 18 different sizes from underbust 66cm to underbust 100cm. I'll make a pattern for the 66cm in Pink and a pattern for the 100cm in Cyan. For starters, I do them in different colours so they're easy to see ... but more importantly, when I blend between the two, Corel Draw also blends the colours proportionally, giving each size a different colour. What Corel doesn't do is label each object with a different name ... instead it just calls the new object "curve" and puts it in the currently active layer. So I'd have to manually label each object 66, 68, 70, 72 etc which can become really tedious really quickly. But we can make a script to do that! ... and do many other tasks too. I've uploaded quite a few of my scripts to the members section so click the button below to take a look ...


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