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Previously I've done my blog posts in our Facebook Group because it's really interactive and easy to share things from other groups and pages ... but not everyone uses Facebook so they might be missing out on an awful lot of information. I really do encourage you to join if you want a quick response to questions or want to learn even more than you'll find here.

I'm going to use this blog as the home page for the website and cross post the occasional item from our Facebook Group so that interesting posts aren't lost over time .... and maybe they'll encourage you to join :)

So to start with, my name is Stuart Anderson. I'm the guy who documented the first ever techniques for drafting stretch fit patterns and coined the phrase negative ease over 30 years ago ... yeah really, that's me! My methods or variations on them are still used in most fashion colleges around the world today.

Fifteen years ago, I created a totally free website called Pattern School, aimed specifically at teaching fashion students wanting to learn how to make patterns for stretch textiles, and to help home sewists, particularly those making dancewear for their children.

This is Version 2.0 of Pattern School .... take a look around ... the format is very similar ... the old information is all still available too! If you're new to my techniques then start at the beginning and work your way through each section, one step at a time. There's a lot to learn about stretch textiles and you need to know it all to understand how to make your own patterns.

What's Changed At Pattern School Online?

  • The name has changed to better describe the purpose of the site

  • Everything has been updated to reflect changes in industry and textiles. Newer methods have been added, and new demonstrations will continue to be added.

  • The CGI automatic pattern generator is gone (Wix won't support it now sorry)

  • There's the accompanying Facebook Group I mentioned before for theory discussion, questions and support (I highly recommend joining if you really want to learn).

  • I have an Instagram Account you can follow

  • There's also a Pattern & Block Shop (see menu) for start up RTW designers who need a set of blocks or for home sewists who just want to buy a swimwear pattern​.

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