Intimates Tops Patterns

If you're wondering what I'm doing, I'm working on the Ultimate Intimates Tops collection patterns ... see the images below ... I still have a few more to go and then I need to work on the optional style lines ... it's never-ending!

I've started writing an overview of digitizing paper patterns, and the sort of information you need to store besides the pattern itself ... like dates, revision number, seam allowances etc. It's hard to know how much to actually cover.

I've also had a few requests for a head form pattern recently (yeah Josh Hart you're one of them). I recently purchased a whole stack of hat blocks which aren't quite the same thing but it gave me the idea of creating head forms because of things like ...

  • mask making

  • cos play

  • millinery

  • stretchy hoods on the catsuits

  • latex and spandex fetish hoods

... not to mention anyone who wants to stick a head on top of their dress form. I've no idea where to start, and I'd like to have a reasonable amount of face detail, but probably not ears. I'm sure it can't be too hard. The question is, is this something people want?

The other one is glove patterns. I've never really done these but I've been able to acquire some adult women's patterns that I can digitize/grade and re-issue ... how many people use these? Any need for them? Come and join our Facebook group to get in on the discussion.

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