Guess What I've Been Working On?

If you're a member of our Facebook Group you'll probably already know that I've been working on the missing link ... a Leotard Block for the teenage gap between children and adults. This is a very different body shape characterized mostly by a very long girth measurement ... or to put it better, teenagers grow up before they grow out. The blocks are have a proportionally longer girth than they do chest and hips, and a less developed waistline. I'm almost there now ... it'll be available as soon as it's been tested and approved. In other news I've finally managed to fix the problems with the menu bar on mobile phones ... I've also better optimized the positioning of everything for mobiles.

I'd also like to thank everyone for their support in the changeover to the voluntary subscription level membership ... I was worried some might be disappointed but I've been overwhelmed by the vote of confidence. This has already solved the messaging problem and given me far more time in the day to work on more constructive and creative things like the blocks above ... that would have taken weeks before, but this time its only been four days! For those who are already members, you'll notice the little Pinterest buttons on the images ... this enables you to automatically share them complete with link and content description. If you share a couple here and there it can lift my profile on Pinterest ... this is a far better way to search for appropriate content than Google could ever hope to be. You can also follow me on Pinterest if you'd like. If you haven't yet joined and want to know what the fuss is about you can view all the Science of Stretch section to get an idea of what we're about ... or join our Facebook discussion group for everything you ever wanted to know about stretch fit pattern making.

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