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Clever Use Of Panelling

So yesterday I posted a few images of a swimsuit that had been sublimated to give the impression of borders around the print. I liked this because it not only nicely framed the print, but meant a single soft panel with even tension across the garment ... Zen-like simplicity while at the same time being elegant and feminine.

But to some it's a big no-no because if you want a border it should be a separate solid colour panel ... "should be" is something my first ever pattern making teacher used to say a lot until she gave up saying it with me!

Now while I didn't agree complex construction was better in that particular case, there are times when a garment stands out as elegant actually because of it's complex construction of multiple panels. Take a look at the example below. Now assuming they have fairly even rebound both vertically, diagonally and horizontally, then this garment should sit well ... but we all know that's close to impossible, so my guess is it won't sit as well under movement ... but it is beautiful nonetheless ... what do you think?