Children's Leggings Blocks

The most popular selling item in my eShop are the children's blocks ... by several times over. You'd think women's 8% blocks would out sell everything because they can be used in swim and dance wear but no, kids are everything it seems! Until now I've just had the children's 10% body blocks packaged together with the sleeves as that's all that most people wanted ... they're available as nested CAD files (including layered, printable PDFs). Children's blocks, and thus patterns, are extremely hard to make for ready-to-wear sizing as children vary in size and shape more than any other category of fashion so you need a lot of raw measurement data. Luckily I was able to score a significantly large number of comprehensive children's' measurements (at serious expense again) from an associate designing for a children's brand in the UK ... a sample size of 1,139 kids aged 4 to 17. Yet as large as the data set is, there was still very little correlation between vertical and horizontal measurements or even horizontal to another horizontal. For example there is no correlation between hips and upper thigh/calf, no correlation waist and upper thigh/calf, and zero correlation of any kind between waist to floor and any horizontal measurement.

If I cut out the top and bottom 10% of the bell curve I still have no correlation ... and the curve is so flat that if I take 20% from upper thigh and 20% from calf, at the same time, I lose 90% of the data. Even if I took every result and did 4cm incremental hip averages then that exact average would fit only around 25-30% of kids of that hip size!

A kid with 64cm hips can vary in upper thigh by as much as 9cm (3 sizes) ... and if you think that's bad, waist to floor in a 64cm hip can vary up to 12cm (the full range of sizes). Kids are tall and large, tall and skinny, short and large, short and skinny for same hip measurement (sorry to use the term large but I don't know how else to describe the data) ... and anywhere in between.So what does this mean for block making? Well it means breaking the block in at least two places to adjust for length. I can do a reasonable estimate for hips verses thigh and calf, and if the blocks are nested then there's a reasonable chance that you can adjust between sizes ... then you'll need to account for length .... none of this is easy to make or for the less experienced of you to use ... but children are not consistent no matter what people tell you ... I can see why kids leggings have elasticated waists!

Anyway I've put the kids legs blocks online ... they require instructions on how to use them (included already) as multipart blocks ... I think this is probably the only way I can create blocks with some kind of consistency that works with the fact that kids are every size and shape imaginable. I hope this is exactly what so many have been asking for! I'll package them separate to the body and sleeves because not everyone wants leggings and I want to keep the pricing as low as possible ... currently they're at half price!


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