If you're wearing a lightweight neoprene unitard and you suddenly need to pee, what do you do? Well take off the whole thing down to your legs ... which might be difficult with lots of full pockets ... or when you're scaling a mountain (apparently).

Nina sent me a link today about a crotch fly for women's utility leggings. OK beyond the fact the leggings in this video have front back and side pockets, they also have a fly so you can squat and pee on the run while you're escaping the zombie hordes or outrunning the desert scavengers in Mad Max ...

Of course the invisible fly is nothing new in women's pants .... there's the invisible zip that goes all the way through the crotch from front to back (referred to as outdoor sex pants, seriously), the snappies types (crotch seam type, leg line fly type, and flap patch type), lace ups and I'm sure there's others .... but the great advantage of the ones in the link is that they're apparently just a pull to the side thing that goes back by itself ... nice and quick, no zipper accidents. But would that leave you feeling secure enough?

So who has ideas on how to handle peeing in a unitard? Join us in our Facebook Group to discuss it!

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