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Can You give Me A Hand?

Next at Pattern School we're going to take a look at glove patterns ... or is that a hand block?

Now I have very little experience with gloves .... I've rarely had to make them and when I did they were simple costume one-offs that just meant tracing around a hand. However to create something ready to wear, that's predictable and consistent, I require a standardised system for grading between sizes ... and that requires measurement data ... again. So I've created a form to collect your hand measurements and a printable grid that you can out your hand on to take a photo too. I'd love to publish a table of comprehensive data for glove making!

I have a couple of resources for glove patterns but not a great deal. If you have a good pattern or resource you can recommend then I'd be keen to take a look. I'm also interested in hearing how others have done them; how did you make your pattern, how did you sew it up (I'll make an exception to the rules for this as it's really a design question) and what fabrics did you use? ... Do you have a photo of your finished gloves?

I need about 100 set's of measurements and there's lots of measurements I would like to get. There's some photos on the form to show which ones I need. Why so many? Well firstly because I intend to 3D model them as well, possibly create a hand form at some point too (which could become a non-stretch glove), but secondly and more importantly I like to look for linear trends and relationships and I'm hoping to find a relationship between one measurement and all the others (like we have with under bust for example). This is research for me ... and like every other time, I'll be sure to share my progress along the way ... want to follow that progress? Then join our group.


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