A Catsuit With No Side Seams!

So I did that one piece catsuit with no side seams and a center front fold (first image) ... I even took snap shots of my screen at various intervals to show how its done ... 23 separate intervals because there's an awful lot of steps (next 3 images are random steps).

And then I did the whole exercise all over again, in a different size, to make sure I didn't make any mistakes and the process was correct. And because I now have two different sizes I can grade between them rapidly in CAD (last image).

So next I'm going to write up a tutorial on how to use the 8% women's body and leg block to make this catsuit ... so if you have those blocks you can do it yourself ... it's not easy but it's entirely possible and there's some fascinating concepts to learn ...

And last but not least, if you have the sleeve block, it'll go straight in.

Once that's all done I'll take the graded version and turn that into a layered PDF and the two CAD files for those who just want to get on with it.

I did say last but not least already didn't I? Darn. Oh well, sometime shortly after all of the above I'll do another tutorial on how to tweak a catsuit to do an asymmetric version ... although that might not be based on this version without side seams because that would be pushing the laws of physics just a little too far.

This was certainly an interesting exercise ... stay tuned ... or join us in the Facebook Group to discuss it.

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