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What Do I Need? Patterns or Blocks?


What Are Blocks?

Blocks are the foundation for making patterns ... everything starts with a block ... being able to manipulate a block means never having to buy a pattern again!

Anyone considering designing patterns for commercial sale must start with a set of standard sized blocks for their particular market ... be they by measured sizes or S, M, L, etc. I have created a full set of blocks in two centimetre increments (basically including a size between the normal 4cm increments) so you can mix and match to create whatever shape and size set you want and label the sizes in any way you want. These block systems are available in two different formats:

Option 1 (PDF):

Non-editable PDF files. These are nested and layered PDF files viewable in apps like Adobe Acrobat (see How to print a PDF). Because they are blocks there's a lot of information presented when you first view the file ... you'll need to know how to turn layers on or off to see what you wish to print. Suitable for people who make patterns on paper.

Option 2 (CAD):

Fully editable Illustrator and Corel Draw files (for import into a CAD type program) so you can create anything you want. Each size is placed on a separate page for easy cut and paste. The layered PDF file is also included in this option as a courtesy.

If you want to design a range of swimwear or dancewear for retail RTW sizing then you're going to need a set of blocks! These are aimed at professional designers and pattern makers ... you'll find them at the top of the shop. come with my continuous update policy ... once you purchase a particular set, if I update it I'll send you the new file automatically for free!

This Chart is for Patterns Only - Blocks are Labelled Independantly

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