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Want To Make Men's Ready To Wear Clothing?

Now this is something you're not going to easily find on the Internet! It took everyone a lot of effort to gather enough data and I even needed to purchase some from various places to get enough data together to be able to identify trend lines that would be reliable enough to publish. You see, women's data is easily found ... men's, not so easy. It might have something to do with not many people making their own menswear at home ... leaving it up to the various brands who certainly won't publish anything for free ... whilst there are many people making women's clothes at home. It may have something to do with Fashion Schools concentrating more on women's wear. It might just be that 80% of the fashion industry revolves around women's clothing. Who knows beyond the fact that a reliable men's sizing table just isn't available anywhere I could find.

Now if you thought the variation in women's shapes was difficult, then you won't be any more excited by men's shapes. The same concept of increased variation in shape with increased size still applies ... only more so. Men can store fat just about anywhere no matter what chest size they are. So while the trend lines for one measurement compared to Chest are clear, there is an awful lot of data that doesn't lie right on top of those lines ... making this chart seem like it's designed only for a fit body (the fit body just so happens to be a fraction under the trend lines so really this table represents a reasonably healthy guy carrying a few extra pounds - Mr Average). I've still got to get more data for the calf measurement and some for arms.

While it doesn't look like much, this innocent looking spread sheet is probably the most significant table of measurements on the entire Internet! Once I have everything in it I'll do a more thorough analysis for everyone ... but in the mean time, have at it! All measurements are in centimetres.

Total Data: 516 persons



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