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The information contained in this treasure chest is the result of 30+ years working as a stretch fit pattern maker in the swimwear industry. It contains all the basics of why stretch fabrics do what they do and how to use them properly. This is exactly the same content you'll get at a live Fashion School when you do a stretch fit pattern making course: how to make the stretch blocks and how to use those blocks to make patterns ... I know this because I'm the guy that wrote most of the original course work on negative ease and block making that you now find in those schools and text books around the world. Yep I'm the guy that first documented negative ease!

The pages in the Science of Stretch section are freely accessible to everyone to give you a firm introduction, but after that the pattern making lessons are by a subscription rate of your choice ... your support helps me keep this site going.

This site is constantly growing. I'm adding new tutorials and expanding on theory all the time ... I'll post updates in the blog and our accompanying Facebook Group (come and take a look first if you like). But seriously, this is the largest stretch fit pattern making resource on the Internet today by a qualified industry professional ... and you can get access to all that!


Supporters can also message me to ask questions about their project ... Keep in mind I'm in the Perth/Singapore/Bangkok time zone so I might not be around when you send it! Or you could ask in our Facebook group.

If you're thinking about developing a range of ready to wear swimwear, dancewear, activewear or any other stretch clothing range then this is the resource you'll need to learn about stretch fit pattern making.

The content is written in a simple and straight forward manner as if aimed at students with a limited knowledge of pattern making. It does not require advanced skills or knowledge, but the basics would be helpful. The theory is presented in a simple step-by-step, page-by-page manner with each lesson building on the previous one.

There are also many amusing side projects to keep things interesting, like making dress forms, an introduction to bras and hand-knitted block theory. There's problem solving discussions as well!

Everything is always growing and expanding ... come and be a part of it all!


This is the sort of content you'll find on this site ... over 80 pages of text with more than 600 images.


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