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I Need To Know Your Hand Sizing

This is all new to me ... I've rarely had to make gloves, and when I did they were simple costume one-offs that just meant tracing around a hand. However to create something ready to wear, that's predictable and consistent, I require a standardised system for grading between sizes ... and that requires measurement data ... again.

Important: I know this might be difficult to do, but I need the measurements in millimeters ... not centimeters or inches. I'm running a comparison to medical data which is already in that format.

Please Complete All The Fields

Measurents are required in Millimeters

Please select the biological gender as we're doing measurement trend analysis.

These aren't required fields but they'll help me with assessing shape if I can get enough submissions. If you're really enthusiastic I've uploaded a PDF grid for printing that you can place your hand over when taking photos!

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Upload File

Thanks for submitting!

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