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A Few Miscellaneous Complimentary Items

1. The Bully Pack

A while back I posted a scan on my IG as a part of discussion about a "copyright bully" that had been attacking various IG and Etsy users. We discussed it at great length in our Facebook Group too.


The scan was of a sample (test garment) order form that was sent back to me by one of my clients from that time to demonstrate to the bully that I did indeed use the design for commercial purposes going back to April 1994 (earlier than we originally realized).


The bully doesn't believe that third party signed and dated order forms with included illustrations, notes and style numbers prove that anything really existed ... nor do the tax invoices, the documented trade sketch discussions, the other four years of orders for this style, nor the numerous other letters and documents signed by those third parties which didn't include the illustration but references to style numbers for which the illustration do exist. Apparently I was selling air to innumerable clients for over 4 years. To date I have 21 separate documents with the design illustrated and dated. This was apparently inadequate to convince her that I had used the design during that time, predating her by decades .... fortunately the lawyers agree that it was not only adequate but amazing that so much documentation from over 20 years ago was still available .... what can I say? I'm a hoarder.

So instead of fighting an idiot online, what I'm going to do is publish the pattern for free ... let anyone take a copy and make the garment, even sell it if they like. If the bully want's to prove her claim then she can come after me. Two years down and she's yet to even try. The bully Pack below contains the pattern I used all the way back then ... it's not a modern styled pattern but will still work. It also contains all the documentation to prove it predates her should she come after you lol!

Click here for the Bully Pack

Bully Pack Version 20201022-b.jpg

2. The Under Over Macro (For Corel Draw Only)

The concept of grading between two sizes is nothing new. Normally you create your smallest size from a set of measurements and your largest size from a set of measurements then break up the middle into a certain number of equal increments using the Blend tool. Pretty much every generic CAD program can do this at the click of a button, without the need for complex grading rules. Fashion CAD software is different in that it takes only one size and uses those complex grading rules to go up and down as far as you like ... if you can handle developing incremental grading rules then this method means only drafting one size and it'll create lots of sizes.

Generic CAD is limited because it can't blend outside of the two sizes ... until now. My under over macro will take your two pattern sizes and ask you how many sizes are between them, calculate the increments in the middle and then apply them to the outside as far as you like ... the equivalent of really expensive fashion CAD software, but without the price tag or rules.

It does have some restrictions though (and they're the same as fashion CAD software). This means you need a pretty good understanding of how to use CAD or you'll likely come across problems expecting the macro to fix bugs in your starting patterns: which it won't do! The two sizes must have exactly the same number of nodes and node position. The two pieces also have a little arrow when you select the node tool ... that's the start point of each pattern piece and it must be the same on both pieces .... you need to know how to use the CAD software to position this correctly and the right way around. And in Corel draw you can't grade their default locked shapes ... you can only apply macros to unlocked shapes (select the shape and click convert to curves first). If you made your own pattern it'll already be unlocked.

Click here to download the Under Over Macro ... see your programs help section if you need to learn how to install a macro.

Note: This macro is still in beta test mode

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