Because Sometimes It's Just Karma ....

Sometimes I'll have something ready-made to distribute that I think everyone needs to have. It might be a basic important building block, a script for Corel Draw/ Adobe Illustrator or a Bully Pack.

Bully Packs are something I create to teach those with a litigating nature that they probably weren't the first to create something and hence shouldn't go around trying to restrict the creative nature of other designers ... if they indeed aren't the first and there is significant historical evidence to prove they weren't, then I'll create that pattern and distribute it for free to make sure that anyone who wants to make it can do so ... and making it commonplace pretty much kills any further commercial use of that specific design.


I have literally thousands of designs that I've created, modified, made patterns and samples for, and sold/licenced commercially .... long before the age of intellectual property ever became a common place thing .... we used to call it finding inspiration and it was all cool and ok. So think carefully before you claim others have stolen from you ... because I bet you I can find someone who did it before either of you!

Many fashion buyers are also part of industry groups that talk about designers and who's doing what and where ... these help them decide who to visit when doing seasonal buying. You really don't want to get mentioned in one of those groups as the litigating type because buyers (and other people in industry) see you as risky .... who wants to have to take stock off shelves?... just saying in case you don't get the point. The fashion industry takes care of its own!

Sizing for the Freebie patterns are in the table below ... I'm only doing basic sizes for these ... but they should be relatively easy to grade up or modify considering they're nested and layered PDF files. To learn how to print PDFs at home click here. To download a file, simply click on it's image!

The Retro Bully Pack

Bully Pack Version 20201022-b.jpg

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