Children's Mesurements

I Need Your Help

As most will know by now, I've started a new project .... well, I'd like to do a few things really.

This project began because I was looking for a new challenge and our moderators suggested that body forms for children would be really useful ... a Miyumi for kids, or Mini-Yumi. At first I wasn't so convinced but after reflection I saw there could be a greater purpose to do it ... I could create children's body forms that didn't just go up with age, but also went in/out within each age group ... we could do smaller than regular all the way through to a number of plus shapes within each size.

You see kids are different to adults. With adult sizes we typically base everything on a single height (not perfect either) and then make a number of sizes and shapes for that one height. But kids are different ... they need the full range of shapes and sizes for each increment of height (age is usually the increment because it goes toward underlying shape). So what I want to do is create a body form for kids aged 4-12 with a range of XS-3XL for each age ... eg an age 6 body form in XS to 3XL where each size is layer selectable on a single page for easy selection and printing ... in theory.

But it goes further than that ... currently I have a single shaped leotard based on chest size in tall or short ... and you adjust either of those based on girth. That's fairly reasonable and it's what most do, but in hindsight it's completely inadequate and non-inclusive and needs to change ... so this study will make that possible. I'm also going to try to have exactly the same layered multi size/shape sorted by increments of nape to waist. You'd simply select your chest size based on nape to waist and hip size based on waist to hips and then stick them together ... in theory that'd give you a much better pattern for plus sized kids ... and without your help it'll stay just a theory.

Below is a form of all the measurements I absolutely need to find trend lines, plus the optional ones I'd like to then extrapolate those trends ... I don't need as many of the optional ones but I do need some ... so if you have the time then they'd be really helpful, if not then just the required ones will be super beneficial. If you have data already in a database format or just written notes, and no free-time, then just email me and I'll do the data entry myself.

Below the form is a very simplified illustration of what each of the measurements are ... except for tilt which is either something you have experience at estimating or you don't ... don't worry so much if that's not your thing ... I'm just being hopeful. 

Again, Thank you!

Required Measurements (needed for the form to submit)




Full Hip

Nape to Waist

Waist to Full Hip


Shoulder Length

Upper Chest


Waist to Waist

Waist to BP

Optional Measurements (I still really want them if you can)

Shoulder to BP

Armhole Depth

Sleeve Length



Waist to Floor

Waist to Knee

Upper Thigh




Pelvic Tilt


Totally Optional (really useful for understanding your measurements and estimating tilt)

Front Photo

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Back Photo

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Side Photo

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Further Notes

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